Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Tim Ferriss Books are Good

Okay, I only read one, but

It's got me thinking about a lot.

A whole lot.

Like an significant amount.

It feels when thinking about a leap of faith. I guess to a degree, you aren't suppose to think? Taking that kind of jump must be taxing, right? Ignoring social norms, your friends, your families, and most importantly, your bank account? As a stress eater, I know the long term goals start with little adjustments, looking like hurdles. I also know that diabetes is a looming figure on my life, who salivates when I consume a cheeseburger...or cookies (rather, cookie sandwiches.) Does that mean to know, jump?

It just can't be that easy - read book then fix life. Maybe it can? No, it definitely can't. Books of knowledge have been around for forever, which each having their own bias, but doesn't that mean this stuff should be learned behavior by now? Back to the bias- each story has the first drafts, the notes, the revisions, the cut material- all of this is a part of the process, but only a small part of it is seen. How messy did all of this leap of faiths get?

It's not like you can get the perfect youtube tutorial give you the precise step by step to happiness. Vagueness never did anybody any favors, but I feel like no matter how detailed it gets, there's gotta to be more than meets the eye. I also feel like there's no way any kind of self-help book or reference material can not be vague. You only get the see the masterpiece- only one person gets to see the single stokes, the tossed out canvas that have been trampled on in frustration. It's not like I shouldn't trust because it's neat, that's just professionalism.

Is it that I like a little mess?

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