Saturday, February 25, 2017


So here's the deal.

I've moved to South West Florida.

I became Instructor Corvo April 2016.

I am now teaching classes at the Estero Rec. Center in Estero, FL.

I have three students.

I'm in a weird place of being content with my role in corporate america, all while wanting to strive in my writing and my capoeira. The capoeira portion has taken off (obviously) because I have a lot more responsibility. I want my students to learn so much, kick ass, and stay. I want to do everything I can to make those three things happen.

I'm still the only one (who isn't friends and family) that's concerned with the writing. Imma figure that out soon too.

I'm learning code, mostly to make sure to capitalize the capoeira maranhao site (harder than I anticipated because coding is hard.) In that, I want to expand on the possibility that's currently set up to pay for my classes. It's pretty manual, and requires you to pay at the counter of the rec center. It's totally fine, but...I feel like should take advantage of being in 2017.

My body needs to change, my game needs to get back, and I need consistency in my music. I got a lot of stuff to do.

I guess I'm glad that what new years are for.