Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday Practice 8/22

Some of the awesome movements that we went over today:

1) Queixada, landing the kicking foot back into Ginga position, rotate body 180 degrees into a Negativa, then shift the Negativa to the other foot, turning 180 degrees again (now you should be facing forward again), then Rolê.

2) Martelo, after landing back, use the same foot to step into an Esquiva de Frente.

3) Queixada de Dentro landing the kick, and then going into a handstand with the kicking foot straight up, and the other foot straight out.

4) Queixada, landing the kicking foot back into Ginga position, rotate body 180 degrees into a Negativa, then shift your weight forward, pivoting on the front foot rotate 180 degrees again into a Negativa (now you should be facing forward again), then Meia Lua de Compasso.

5) Armada, after landing the foot shift backwards into a Negativa, then Rolê.


- Boemio

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Practice Recap

Monday, August 15, 2011

Coming back after a hiatus of Monday practices, I was very concerned when I heard that our Mondays have been cut down to a 1-hour practice.  However, after seeing how Professor Maranhão can do within an hour, I think of Mondays as the Tom Cruise of practices:  short but intense (we all know about that Oprah interview...).

It's like a power hour, where new members are learning sequences that are just above their comfort level, where they are challenged but encouraged with skills they didn't know they had before; where current members are challenged to perfect their technique with the basics they may have neglected in anticipation in learning the more advanced stuff.

Notable sequences and pointers:

ginga 3xs
meia lua de frente
esquiva (leading with kicking leg)

ginga 3xs
meia lua de compaso*
negativa de fuga

*with meia lua de compasos, remember to use your leading hip to help power your kicking leg, aim with your heel, and control, control, control that kicking leg!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Unfortunately with knees that can predict the weather, this rain-laden week made it difficult to participate for the whole time on Wednesday, but it did provide a good opportunity to take notes on the sequences taught, and observe how Professor's sequences work between 2 people.

Notable Sequences and Pointers:

Person A
meia lua de frente, land kicking leg crossed in front
chapa with front leg

Person B
esquiva de frente
lean back on hand (opposite of esquiva direction)

*with the rasteira, remember to keep your core and hips strong and in a straight line from your reaching arm down to your hooking foot.

Person A
vingativa (with back leg)*

Person B
quebra de ginga (esquiva)
queixada de fora

*with this vingativa, stay low to escape the queixada, or you'll lose your face.
Of course, we end with some kind of floreio; this time it was the au revesao.  Of course, we had to build up to to doing a few in a row.

1. au
2. au, immediately step forward with 2nd landing leg
3. au, step fwd with 2nd leg, step fwd again
4. au, step, step, 1/2 au / back walkover*

*keep the momentum going from au, step, step and into the 1/2 au; square your hips to go backwards rather than falling to the side on the 1/2 au; and make believe you're a tire, maintaining a round shape with your body as you consistently au over and over.