Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Vocab of the Week (Part 2)

This week's vocab word is excitement. Think about the last time you really, really got excited about something. You can't sleep because of the anticipation. Moments before, you're literally shaking, and the feeling of bursting is overwhelming. You don't know what your body is doing, because it moving automatically. All your  movements and thoughts are effortless and exhaustion is not even a possibility. You know this feeling, everybody has. You know what excites you, so let yourself become vitalized. This is what happens to me when I play a really good capoeira game. Every time I jump in the roda, this is what I'm aiming for. Every time I  get you to play with me in the roda, I'm trying to do this for you too. :-D

Video of the Week

Here's a snippet from the Cdo nyack batizado last year.

P.S. Shout out to our fam and friend, Coqueiro Zec

Portuguese of the Week

Here for the Portuguese of the Week, I'll give you guys a list of verbs to practice.

chamar - to call
falar - to speak
beber - to drink
correr - to run
comer - to eat
jogar - to play
ensinar - to teach
aprender - to learn
cantar - to sing
dormir - to sleep

:-D Happy conjugating!

Song of the Week

Everybody should know this song, and this is why it's the SONG OF THE WEEK!!!

Ijexa e a danca do negro
Ijexa e a danca do negro (coro)

e o negro e, e nago
e o negro e, e nago (coro)

e vai,
vai vai vai cair (coro)
beleza beleza,
vai vai vai cair (coro)
isso e capoeira,

Quando o meu mestre passar
Batam palma ascenando para o ar
Mais nao se esqueça do que ele falou
Toque pandeiro, berimbau, toque agogo

meu povo que beleza
e a danca capoeira com certeza
meu povo que beleza
e a danca capoeira com certeza

P.S. Muito Obrigado Mestre Amen Santos

Vocab of the Week (Part 1)

This week's vocab word is accidents. They happen. They happen more then we would like them to. The fact is it, well, they happen, and the best that can be done to prevent them is to minimize them. No matter how careful,  cautious, or paranoid you are, they can and will happen. The most important part of that isn't how to completely take accidents out of your reality, that's impossible. After an accident occurs is what matters most. How do you handle it? Do you freak out? Do you panic? Hopefully not, because if one accident earns you a permanent spot in panic town, then life is going to be hard, very hard. Every risk that is taken is paid with a consequence. Maybe there's a payout, maybe there isn't. That's how risks work, and that is the only way to get anything done in life. Risks have to be taken constantly to complete all goals. The key is not to be afraid of accidents, because they are going to happen no matter what. You don't have control of when and what happens when something goes awry, but you have complete control of what happens next.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Video of the Week

Here's a nice video from CDO St. Petersburg.

I like how close Ta Russo (the guy in the yellow shirt) plays. The intro of the video is the most interesting part, because it is showcasing the beginners :-D

Monday, April 2, 2012

Portuguese of the Week

Okay, so last week I gave you guys a mouthful, and now I'll just keep it a little easy. Here's a list of Vocabulario

sim - yes
não - no
ou - or
ou...ou - either...or
nem - not either
nem...nem - either nor
algo, alguma coisa - something
nada, nenhuma coisa - nothing
sempre - always
nunca - never

There ya go. I'll try not to overwhelm you with lists (I'll keep them at least ten words.) Next week I'll give a list of different words, and you can practice conjugating them! So exciting.

Ate logo :-D

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Song of the Week ( Part 2)

  Hey guys, here's the song Ria was teaching on thursday.

 It's definitely a classic guys. Enjoy! Eu Não Sou Daqui
marinheiro Só
eu Não Tenho Amor
marinheiro Só
eu Sou Da Bahia
marinheiro Só De São Salvador
marinheiro Só
lá Vem, Lá Vem
marinheiro Só
como Ele Vem Faceiro
marinheiro Só

todo De Branco
marinheiro Só
com O Seu Bonezinho
marinheiro Só

ô, Marinheiro Marinheiro
marinheiro Só
ô, Quem Te Ensinou A Nadar
marinheiro Só
ou Foi O Tombo Do Navio
marinheiro Só
ou Foi O Balanço Do Mar
marinheiro Só

Vocab of the Week (Part 2)

This week's vocab is commitment. Commitment is important for anything life. It pertains to the most important parts of a person's life. Don't let the word blend into thoughts of "You must dedicate every waking moment to capoeira if you want to improve." That's not what the main idea. Of course doing that will help your capoeira improve, but it will only improve so much. Commit to something only if you want to commit to something. That is the key. Committing to half-desired objectives leads to disappointment and frustration. Nobody wants to be disappointed or frustrated (absolutely nobody.) However, here are some goals that everybody should commit to: Improvement, Happiness, and Success. Honestly ( and heavily opinionated,) I believe doing capoeira can lead to those three goals. Note how the focus isn't on committing to capoeira, because here capoeira can be the development of  that magical trio. Capoeira has helped me looked at those objectives and guide me to them. Capoeira can do that for everybody who tries it, and I will attempt to show that in every pratice, class, game, and roda.